Volunteer Experience

volunteer experience

When I left for Ecuador in January of 2016 the company I arrived at what was a ‘start-up’ to say the very least. I was welcomed wholeheartedly by the Companies President Juan Guillermo Gallegos and introduced to a few of his colleagues. From here we set to work: determined to bring improved education to the People of Ecuador – particularly in the fields of Science and English.

Our work was welcomed by local communities; including la Parroquia de Punin and San Miguel and the cities of Macas, Riobamba and Ambato. During my time in Ecuador I had the privilege of working in all five of these areas as both Science and English Teacher to various groups and levels. The company has since relocated to the coastal city of Atacames to concentrate its efforts there.

Due to the start-up nature of FCC Ingles, working there is a roll that surpasses traditional teaching. It is one that welcomes new ideas, creativity and enthusiasm. This freedom to make decisions and freedom to make mistakes is part of what made my Ecuadorean Experience so positive.

Working for FCC ingles also offers the perfect base from which to explore this incredible country and meet the Ecuadorean people. You can see a few of my adventures at: www.jamesprice.world

Hopefully this gives you a flavour for what FCC is about. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions: jp1097jp@gmail.com