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Would you like to make a difference in the lives of Ecuadorians through education, social projects or tourism?

Overview: FCC stands for Formation Capacitacion Continua (Forming Continuous Training). The organization has started from one man’s vision (Juan Gallegos)  to teach Ecuadorans English at an affordable cost.  In 2012, FCC Ingles started  in partnership with municipal schools to help teach English. In 2015, the agency moved to a more independent status and now we are funded by donations and the cost of tuition from students who can afford it. Our goal is to use the funding in order to help us teach English to those who can not afford it at a significantly reduced cost or even free to them. FCC Ingles offers English classes to Ecuadorans in Ecuador and our current central location is in the city of Esmeraldas. We are currently expanding to Milagro (close to the city of Guayaquil) for English classes. All volunteers will first arrive where the volunteer designates after being accepted. We are a small organization that offers English classes to residents of Ecuador and to University students in Milagro. We offer classes for students to be prepared for the Senescyt or for student teachers to achieve a B:1 Level of English. In addition, we offer classes for students to learn English according to their needs or desires. We also partner with the Asociacion De Servicios Touristico Urbana Y Rural (ASUTUR) to help with social projects for single mothers in Riobamba and Punin and tourism training in Ozegoche. For more information on the social and tourism information, please visit the ASUTUR website (www.asutur.com).

About Volunteering: The volunteers will mainly be undertaking to teach English, but may be asked to help with tasks outside of teaching as needed like with the single mothers project or tourism training. However, if the volunteer wishes to do more with the single mothers or tourism training in Ozegoche (both in connection with ASUTUR), they can request this and we will try to accommodate if there are openings available. A typical workweek will be four hours a day with two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon Monday through Saturday.

Cost: The cost will be $200 US Dollars per month which includes room and board. Volunteers are expected to pay within the first week of their arrival. We do not provide transportation but traveling is relatively inexpensive with buses or taxis in every place we serve.

Requirements: To volunteer as a teacher, you must be a native English speaker or have a TEFL Certificate. All volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. The minimum length of commitment is six months. You do not have to be fluent in Spanish but a basic level of understanding and speaking is preferred. If a position is open for tourism training in Ozegoche, we prefer it be a couple who has some experience in restaurant and hospitality operations. However, a single individual who has substantial experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry may request to apply and we will make a decision about this on a case by case basis.

Other Information: Volunteers who come as teachers will live either in Esmeraldas, Milagro or where the volunteer coordinator designates. For those who mainly work in tourism training, they will live on site in Ozegoche.  Outside of Ozegoche, the cities we serve have many places to eat and shop. There are always taxis or buses available to travel around the city and see beautiful parks and cultural sites. Esmeraldas and Milagro is located near the West coast of Ecuador and has access to many beaches nearby. They are sizable cities which offers many conveniences typically found in a suburban city. Ozegoche is located near a gorgeous mountainous area and is sparsely populated with local residents who live a quiet, traditional and serene lifestyle. Wherever you work or live, these places will offer a variety of rich cultural sites and experiences.

How to apply: If you wish to apply to volunteer with us, please fill out our volunteer application. If there are open positions she will reply asking for a Skype interview to further discuss needs, expectations and arrangements.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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